Видеоролик - Persona 4 - Auto-Level/Money Farm Guide

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-=READ DESCRIPTION=-For your own safety I recommend that you turn off your speakers/headphones/headset or stop the video because Rise is annoying as hell when she speaks (after a few minutes you?ll understand)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------­--------------------------Anyways to Auto-level or money farm you?ll have to1. Unlock Adachi?s Dungeon2. (OPTIONAL) Have a Null Rage Equipment--------------------------------------------------------------------------------­--------------------------Now follow these steps1. Fuse a Persona with Repel/Null/Drain Phys, personally I prefer repel since it makes auto-leveling faster. If you can, fuse this Persona with Null Rage.Recommended persona to fuse : Rangda (starts with repel phys)How to fuse Rangda with Null Ragehttp://www.gamespot.com/ps2/rpg/persona4/show_msgs.php?topic_id=m-1-47554387&...Scroll down and find what you need(OPTIONAL) If you want, equip a null rage equipment. It?ll make auto-leveling easier if your character tends to get enraged a lot. If you got a persona with Null Rage, skip this.2. Find the pringles kings (They appear in Magatsu Mandala Floor 1). If you brought your teammates with you, make sure they die first.3. Let the Kings summon more enemies. When they?ve summoned 2 - 3 enemies continue with the next step.4. Put on Rush mode and go do something else. If you want to money farm, leave it for hours, if auto-leveling, come back in 15 - 60 minutes.If you did everything right, it should look like the video above.Hope this helped.

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