Видео канал: Team Umi Zumi's Aquarium Adventure Screencast уми зуми мультфильм все серии подряд бесплатно самые новые серии уми зуми смотреть бесплатно мультики развивающие для детей уми зуми

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An educational software is a program that provides learning for the user. It "is beneficial for both students and teachers alike. To the students, it can precipitate a willingness to learn due to its typical interactive nature and vivid visual content. To the teachers, it is an aiding tool that will help them make their students understand more deeply the concepts of the particular subject that they teach" (Singh, 2008). An educational software should be able to support cognitive, behavioural, and physical development, foster learning in an authentic and relevant context, and be developmentally appropriate. This screencast examines these aspects of Team UmiZumi's Aquarium Adventure, while incorporating the key challenges that we faced as a user in the game and our recommendations we would make for the next iteration of the software.

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